Poodle Launderette

Poodle Launderette
& Splinter Center
2191 Kings Hwy
Medford, OR 97501



Dog Grooming Service

For the most experienced dog groomer in Medford, Oregon, A Poodle Launderette is the premier dog grooming for Medford. From top to bottom, doing it all. Specializing in Poodles and longer haired breeds.
Give A Poodle Launderette a call today to schedule your best friend’s day in one of a kind doggy spa in Medford, Oregon. Call today for you appointment. 541-772-6547

Set Your Dog's Spa Day

Our cage-free grooming service is perfect for dogs who are being groomed for the first time. Your Best Friend will thank you for it!

Great Prices

Expert pet care professional, with probably the best prices in town also. Dottie has completed hundreds of grooms of poodles and other dog breeds over the years,  perfecting a method that is both effective and as painless as possible for the dog. 

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